El Honky Tonk Bar: Viva Neon Amigo of the Week

May 24, 2022

Wanted dead or alive, Viva Neon’s Amigo of the Week is El Honky Tonk — a good ol’ country bar in downtown San Antonio. If you can picture an aesthetic that blends the best of Urban Cowboy, Young Guns, Bon Jovi, and the most incredible movie inspiration of all time, Tombstone, then you’ve got the right idea.

Perhaps the most stunning part of El Honky Tonk’s rootin’ tootin’ cowboy aesthetic is the blazing “I’m Your Huckleberry” neon sign hanging just beside the exposed brick of the bar counter.

This neon sign is no joke — it’s already been featured in some of San Antonio’s local news outlets, including MySA and the San Antonio Current.

Gold Neon Sign, Viva Neon, El Honky Tonk

Neon Design: Simple drawing of Doc Holiday with the letting “I’m Your Huckleberry.”

LED Neon Tubing Color: Yellow Gold

Size: 72 inches wide x 77 inches tall

What’s the Concept Behind El Honky Tonk?

We wanted to bring an authentic Honky Tonk bar to downtown San Antonio. However, we also wanted to add a twist to our vision that made it unique. With both of us being Mexican American and located in the South, we decided to add a Spanish twist, therefore implementing the “El” in El Honky Tonk.

What Made You Decide to Get a Neon Sign?

With the neon sign, we wanted something that would POP, an eye-catcher. With social media being so popular and people taking photos and sharing, we wanted a neon focal point that would help promote our brand.

How Do Your Customers Interact With Your Neon Sign?

With the help of a Viva Neon Sign, we were able to accomplish our goal. We have received so many compliments about our Neon, and many people take selfies.

Why Did You Choose Yellow Gold Coloring for Your Neon Sign?

The Yellow Gold color of our Neon ties together the rest of our lighting throughout the bar. It gives the place an old western saloon perspective inspired by candlelight.

Why Viva Neon?

We chose Viva Neon because we felt they shared our same perspective in life and business, such as celebrating their Spanish roots by adding “Viva” to their business name just like we did with El Honky Tonk.

James Gonzaba and I hope that people enjoy our vision of El Honky Tonk, and we look forward to the future and sharing many memories.

Anything You’d Like to Add About Your Neon Experience?

Again, we can’t thank ya’ll enough for capturing and exceeding our expectations with the design of the Neon Sign. We are huge fans of Tombstone, so the Neon came out to be amazing. For Christmas one year, Gonzaba gave me some negative film photos from the set of filming Tombstone. That was ten years ago, and we never would have imagined that would be the centerpiece for our own bar. Thanks again!

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