5 Tips to Choose The Best Neon Design For Your Business or Home

July 2, 2021

#1 Identify Words That Go Along With Your Brand or Style

Even if you’re not a business owner, we firmly believe everyone has their own personal brand and style✨ Be sure to tap creatively into what that is and words that go along with it.

As an example, here are some “on brand” words that go along with Viva Neon: Celebrate, Empowering, Light, Glow, Fun, Joy, Nostalgia, Aesthetic, Instaworthy, Positive, Transformation, Warmth, Creative, Individuality, etc.

Here are some neon sign ideas we have for ourselves:

Let there be light

Glow up baby

You glow girl

Express yourself

Nostalgia Forever

Get litty babe

#2 Spin Off Something Already Iconic

Iconic can mean a song lyric, empowering quote, trending hashtag or a popular phrase. I recommend tapping into your local area for iconic historical events, landmarks, and art. I’m sure there is something you can connect into your custom neon sign idea. A perfect example would be the “i love you so much” mural art in found in Austin, Texas.

Spin off ideas:

i love lashes so much

i love nails so much

i love tacos so much

i love ice cream so much

i love CBD so much

i love neon so much

#3 Stand Out & Be Different

No shade to “Live, Laugh, and Love” but it’s a cliché 👎 I would challenge you think outside the box more and get creative! One of our clients wanted a custom neon for her kitchen. She and her husband love country music, cooking, and dancing so they came up with “This Kitchen Is For Dancing” in Warm White & Orange Neon:

The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them.

David Nightingale Hicks – (Interior Decorator and Designer)

#4 Google Puns, Quotes, & Phrases

Hate to be basic but just… google it! There are so many creative people online sharing their ideas about literally everything. You have the entire Internet backing you up with amazing neon sign ideas 💡

For example, if your business involves cupcakes 🧁 Here are some cupcake puns I found quickly:

Some only dream of cupcakes—others bake it happen.

I am so baked right now.

What’s up, cupcake? Muffin much.

Cupcakes are just muffins that believe in miracles.

You bake me crazy

Go ahead—bake my day.

Life is what you bake it.

Life is good—bake the most of it.

I’m just a cupcake in search of a studmuffin.

You can easily build your own neon sign using Viva Neon’s web builder here. Real time pricing, sizing, and free USA shipping 🇺🇸

#5 Ask Your Followers & Friends

People LOVE giving their opinions so utilize a social media platform like Instagram to get your follower’s ideas on what neon sign you should have for your business or home! Add a question sticker or do a poll if you’re stuck between 2 ideas 👯‍♀️

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