5 Reasons To Buy Neon Signs for your Business

January 27, 2021

As a business owner, it’s important to make sure you stand out among the competition. One way to do that is to literally OUTSHINE them. These are the main 5 reasons why you need to invest in neon signage for your business💡

Reason #1 – Trendy AF (but here to stay)

Neon Signs have been all the rage on social media lately. Neon is making a strong comeback since the retro days of the 1950’s. Just search the Instagram hashtag #neonsign and you’ll see nearly 1 million neon signs from people’s weddings, home decor, and their businesses! This trend is growing. Most of the modern Neon you’re seeing though has evolved. Companies like Viva Neon are creating Custom Neon Signs with updated LED technology. They mention in their FAQ below:

“LED Neon is a modern take on traditional neon glass. In short, it’s way more energy efficient, lightweight, durable, and brighter! Many find LED Neon to provide a crisper and clearer image as well. This is not your uncle’s old school neon sign.”

On the left; is Traditional Neon Glass. On the right; is Modern LED Neon.

Reason #2 – Bring your logo to light!

Your logo is the foundation of your brand identity. The imagery, the design, colors, etc, tell the story of your business. When you turn your business logo into a neon sign it’s a physical manifestation brought to light!

The feeling of lighting up your logo for the first time will make your heart melt ❤️

Reason #3 – Customers love them (and share them

Customers will want to show your neon off and promote your brand. So don’t be surprised when they immediately gravitate to your neon and snap endless photos and video stories to their social media handles.

Here’s a pro tip! If you already have business signage of your logo, go for a fun catch phrase or quote. We find these types of signs get more shares and likes on social media.

“Tacos do the booty good”by Tacos N Miches of Whittier, CA is a great example of selecting a playful and fun neon piece that your customers will take photos with!

This piece was created by Viva Neon. They are based in San Antonio, Texas and offer free USA Shipping. View more of their work here.

Reason #4 – Great for building content

Want to level up your social media game? Neon backdrops set the foundation for Instaworthy photos and videos. It looks professional, on brand, and just so cool!

Alamo Heights Nutrition of San Antonio, TX is the master of creating the best photo content of their neon while showcasing their drinks. View their Instagram here.

Their space has a very clean and modern aesthetic. They mounted their cool white neon “What’s Shakin” sign behind a luscious grass wall. It sets the stage to take beautiful and photogenic snapshots of their colorful teas and shake options.

This piece was created by Viva Neon.

Reason #5 – Affordable & Easy To Order

Custom Neon Signs are not expensive nor require a complicated ordering process.

Companies likeViva Neon mention they cater to the average family, small business owner, or statement piece lover and can work with budgets starting at $99.

They have also made ordering neon easy! On their website they have a Neon Builder that empowers their customers to design their own perfect neon and play around with the different neon colors, fonts, and sizing options. Real time pricing is also provided.

If you have an existing logo, you can easily upload that here and Viva Neon can get you a neon mock up & quote within 1-4 business days! Check out more of their work below:

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