3 Things To Do When Determining What Size Neon You Should Get

June 29, 2021

#1 Measure Your Space

We are keeping it real on this one amigo. It may seem self explanatory but we’ve found some clients don’t own a measuring tape (or decide to not use one 🤷‍♀️). We strongly advise you measure your intended space area where you’re planning to install your custom neon sign.

Even if you have a good eye for size, we still recommend you measure your space especially if the space is limited. For example: like a window, backdrop, or between shelving. Here is a real world example of a perfectly sized neon in a tight area. Our client Rossanos (Delray, Florida) needed their logo on top of their Pizza Food Truck. Their space was limited due to the two lamps that light up their serving counter. That’s no problem for Viva Neon because we provide detailed dimensions before purchasing. As you can see the sign size fits perfectly in the space. Even 1 inch larger and the sign would not of fit their amazing food truck. 😕

Trust us, don’t be a Padme (gal from the Star Wars meme). The last thing you want is your custom neon sign that isn’t fitting in your space. If you don’t own a measuring tape, buy yourself one on Amazon or visit your local hardware store and pick one of these babies up!

Please note: All of Viva Neon’s pieces are custom made to order and handcrafted in our workshop. Please be 100% certain of the dimensions you’re needing before purchasing. Once materials are used, we cannot make up or recycle lost costs.

Here’s a measuring hack if you don’t have a measuring tape on hand:

Our Founder, NeonQueenKT has a very simple method of getting quick measurements. The video is on her Instagram TV. You will only need 1 piece of standard sized printer paper. You can watch it below:

#2 Keep In Mind Budget

Viva Neon prides itself on offering inclusive affordable custom neon for everyone: small business owners, families, & neon lovers alike.

However, we can’t make mucho grande sized neons with a small budget y’all. 🙅‍♀️ The biggest cost factor will always be the amount of materials we use to create your piece.

Bottom line: the larger the neon, the more the sign will cost.💰

However, staying in budget is easy with Viva Neon. We’ve created a world class Neon sign builder that provides real time sizing and real time pricing. You can start designing here.

#3 Remember Functionality & Design

The size of the neon sign should be based on what is most tasteful for the design and the functionality. Remember you get full creative control so channel your inner Joanna Gaines. The size of neon should be chosen off your personal preference and the look you’re going for. However, Viva Neon is happy to supply real world pictures and industry observations. Here are some below:

Weddings/Special Events

Examples of signs you’ll commonly see in this segment is: Last Names, Party Quotes, Romantic Quotes, etc. The average neon sign size ranges between 2.5ft wide to 4.5 wide. They fit nicely on backdrops and photograph beautifully. We find these sizes are not overpowering but not too small either. Many signs used at special events are being taken home and installed permanently on Bride’s walls. Here is two wedding neon signs to compare:

The Goldenbergs wedding neon was mounted on a beautiful grass hedge wall. They built their Last Name neon sign easily on our Neon sign builder here.

Details below:

  • Font: Bewitched
  • Color: Cool White
  • Dimensions: 4.5ft wide x 1.3ft tall

The Aynes wedding neon was hung up on a stair railing overlooking a grand ballroom. The sign looks delightful over the romantic cart and wedding cake. This piece was also easily built on our Neon sign builder.

Details below:

  • Font: Tangled
  • Color: Cool White
  • Dimensions: 35 inches wide x 13.3 inches tall.

Home Decor/Personal

Examples of signs you’ll see is: Kid’s Names, Last Names, Catchy Quotes, and Statement Art. Pieces are typically ranging between 1ft to 4.5ft wide. Here is two home decor neon signs to compare:

Comic Book Kiss was a digital image we UV Printed onto a clear acrylic backboard. We highlighted both of the character’s hair to create an illuminating neon art piece.

Details below:

  • Image: UV Printed Digital Design
  • Color(s): Pink & Blue
  • Dimensions: 18 inches wide x 26 inches tall

uh hello is a simple yet fun piece mounted into drywall. Great piece to lighten up your living room or bedroom!

Details below:

  • Font: Baywatch
  • Color: Orange
  • Dimensions: 31 inches wide x 7.8 inches tall


Examples of signs you’ll see is: Business Logos, Catchy Quotes, Selfie Walls, and Statement Art. Pieces are typically ranging between 3.5ft wide to 8ft wide+. Here is two business neon signs to compare:

Steff And The City (New Orleans, Louisiana)was a digital logo we UV printed onto an acrylic board and added neon tubing around the details to make the branding pop.

Details below:

  • Image: UV Printed Business Logo
  • Color(s): Pink, Yellow Gold, & Cool White
  • Dimensions: 39 inches wide x 26.5 inches tall.

Hazel Sky Smoke Shop (San Antonio, Texas) was a digital business logo we UV printed onto 3 separate pieces of acrylic. They fit in like a puzzle to create the perfect circle. This piece is mounted on drywall in their store front.

Details below:

  • Image: UV Printed Business Logo:
  • Color(s): Cool While, Yellow Gold, & Ice Blue
  • Dimensions: 6ft tall x 6ft wide

#4 Bonus: Get Opinions 🎉

If you’re still stuck on what size you’re wanting, we recommend you get opinions.

Ask a friend or a colleague with a good eye for design to give their opinion.

Another idea is doing an Instagram poll.

Let your followers decide for you! ✌️

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